Fashion Design


Emore’J is a designer and fashion show producer. Since May 4th, he and his team have been Detail of Workmentoring a group of 10 youth at the L.A. Family Housing homeless shelter in North Hollywood.They’re teaching these kids how to use their imaginations to create wild outfits with a theme that reflects UTOPIA, like Galaxy, Tropical Fish, Birds, Moon and Fairies.

These kids are able to express themselves creatively in a positive way through clothing, which is a hot button of teenage angst that tends to bring out negative behaviors like bullying.

Atalia exclaimed, “It’s cool because you get to make your own designs. Whatever you think about you can create.”

SeashellsNyarah also loves the program. “I always wanted to design clothes, and now I finally got the chance to, and it really is fun!”

ElizabethOur Fashion Design workshop will culminate with a FASHION SHOW on AUGUST 13th, 2015 at 6:00 pm — complete with a red carpet in which professional models will showcase all of the outfits for everyone at the shelter to view, as well as special guests. Each student will receive a backpack with lasting souvenirs as we celebrate their accomplishments. This event will take place at the LA Family Housing shelter in North Hollywood. Please contact or (213) 747-2777 x 1 for details.

2 GirlsModels white dressWhite DressTiered dress

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