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Thanks to a grant from the Thelma Pearl Howard Foundation and the California Community Foundation, vulnerable children at Hillsides residential treatment services in Pasadena are enjoying our Create A City Now workshop with artist Young Mi Chi.

These kids, ages 6-15, can’t live at home, have suffered trauma and have severe emotional, psychological and behavioral challenges requiring specialized care. They’re using recycled materials like cardboard tubes, plastic containers, boxes and other trash to design their own cities.

Create A City 2They immediately stated that there would be no jails allowed. Maya is creating “the City of Love,” so whoever meets there will fall in love and be happy forever.

Latrina is working on “Latrina’s New York City,” which has a huge park with ponds and purple bathrooms next to a secret hideout. She rules her city as the Queen. Malekai is a huge Spiderman fan, so “Peter Parker City” has Spidey himself poised on top of a building to watch over everyone.

Young Mi exclaimed, “I see many of the kids engaged in so much freedom and fun. I know that every opportunity to do that breathes hope and self-asCreate A City 4surance. I want to be able to give them the opportunity to share and be seen and heard.”

Ian, a Hillsides volunteer remarked, “The children can express their imagination and their dreams through this project in a way that they can’t in their other studies.”

Head Librarian Sherri Ginsberg said, “It has been our most successful after-school program so far.”


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