About Create Now


Create Now gives youth opportunities to find their voices through the arts. We especially serve vulnerable kids ages 2-21 who have been abused, neglected, abandoned, orphaned, homeless, runaways, throwaways, substance abusers, teen parents, domestic violence victims, children of prisoners, gang members and incarcerated.

These “forgotten children” are tucked away in group homes, shelters, detention centers, rehab facilities, mental health clinics and special schools throughout Southern California. Create Now has reached more than 36,000 youth in 20 years.

We have seven programs: music, art, writing, digital media, performing arts, fashion and cultural excursions. Create Now provides specialized training and support for our mentors, along with arts materials and a culmination party that includes unique Certificates of Completion and gift bags for each child.

Our offices are based Downtown near STAPLES and include a recording studio for Music Recording and an editing bay. We host bi-monthly “Power of the Arts” private parties where 40-50 youth engage in a variety of fun arts activities. However, most of our programs take place at the 100+ youth agencies in our network. Create Now operates in three ways:

  • We match volunteers with youth-in-need right in their own neighborhoods, based on their preferences regarding the children’s ages, genders, challenges and more. The programs are customized to meet your schedule and can range from a few hours to months or even years. For example, “Mini-Tours” enable you to visit a number of different youth facilities;
  • Create Now implements high-quality programs in Title 1 schools where students receive limited (if any) arts education. We follow California Common Core State Standards. These 12-16 session classes are taught by professional teaching artists. Career preparation is an important part of our curricula. We use SETS (Student Evaluation Tracking System) as an assessment tool, along with pre- and post surveys and qualitative analysis to evaluate the impact of our classes;
  • CAP (Community Arts Projects) help to cap violence in poor neighborhoods. They bond families and bring neighbors together, while easing tensions. These projects can be organized for targeted areas, or with our partner agencies. Create Now will tailor a program that is based on your group or company’s goals and budget.

In addition, Create Now sends out regular notices about jobs, internships, scholarships, arts contests, free books, computers and other materials to the social workers, teachers, probation officers, case managers, therapists and other staff at the agencies we serve, which reach tens of thousands of kids. Create Now is a conduit for individuals and businesses to give back to the neediest children in the region. Please contact Ruby Medina at (213) 747-2777 x 3 if you would like to contribute.

Read our Mission, Vision, and Core Values statements