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We also provide opportunities to become a General or Life Skills Mentor. This type of mentoring helps youth with basic life skills, such as learning how to go on a job interview, apply for college and to become independent, confident individuals. Life Skills mentors can assist with academic work, parenting, or just take their mentees on fun outings and become a close friend.

General or Life Skills mentoring can be arranged with small groups of youth or one-on-one. Most one-on-one mentoring relationships require a one-year minimum commitment. While it’s difficult for many people to volunteer consistently for a long period of time, one-on-one mentoring has the most impact. Foster youth, homeless kids and children of prisoners are especially in need of committed mentors, since they don’t always have full family support. They may live with a single parent who must work long hours to support the family, or have no family at all. Create Now can usually organize a mentoring opportunity to fit your needs.

Featured Success Story – Vulnerable Students Picture Bright Futures

In September, 2012, Shaina Leis completed an eight-week Life Skills workshop for juniors and seniors at the SEA (Soledad Enrichment Action) school on Soto Street in East Los Angeles.

Kids display their certificatesSEA is a charter continuation school for students who are not allowed at the regular high schools. Many are involved in gangs and are on probation. The students have tremendous potential, but live in circumstances that place them at considerable risk for violence, delinquency and academic failure.

Shaina guided them through lessons to build confidence and teamwork, identifying role models, clarifying values and goal-setting. She helped them learn how to make good decisions for their futures. The students found pictures and images to create “dream boards,” visual collages of their dreams for the future.

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Featured Success Story – Foster Boys Learn Essential Life Skills

Estevan Chantes is a Real Estate Broker with Coldwell Banker George Realty in Arcadia and he wanted to mentor youth. “I truly believe in being of service and I would like to instill this quality in our youth.” Create Now matched him close to where he lives with Leroy Haynes Group Home in La Verne where he recently completed teaching a five-week Life Skills workshop.

During his mentorship, Estevan taught four teenage foster boys at the group home the basics about business administration, including how to manage a bank account, effectively play the stock market and start their own companies. He presented his 16 years worth of professional experience in a way that students could engage in while being challenged to think about their futures. At the end of the program, one of his mentees said, “This workshop has shown me that there is more to life than what I know. There are different things in this world that I can do.”

LeRoy Haynes Vocational Supervisor Ray Herndon said, “It was refreshing to see the residents asking questions about how to become financially secure and not only listen to the answers but take notes.”

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If you would like to become a Life Skills Mentor, please fill out our Volunteer Application to get started.

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