About Create Now

We’re very grateful to all the wonderful supporters who make it possible for Create Now to bring our arts programs to the most vulnerable kids in the community.

One of the top producers and licensors in the industry, Audiomachine, designs music for movie trailers, advertisements, even the Olympics. They have supported Create Now for the past two years and enabled our organization to grow tremendously. We’re honored to collaborate with them on our Create Audio program, which teaches foster and at-risk young adults 18-24 how to generate their own music and break into this field.

Elan Shukartsi of the Moe Life Foundation has been contributing to our charity since 2012 when they donated $35,000 to build Create Now’s recording studio. Thanks to their help, the neediest kids are able to sing karaoke and their original songs, record guitar, drumming and keyboard music at the culminations of their workshops, learn recording and production techniques, and edit their videos.

In the last two years, Elan has given Create Now $45,000 to initiate a program that is close to his heart. He wanted to make a lasting impact on young adults who are at high-risk of homelessness by launching a new Culinary Arts program. We jumped at the chance and initiated the first workshop in 2017. Eight foster youth who had emancipated from the system loved our classes! This year, we’ve launched two new Culinary Arts workshops with 16 foster youth ages 18-24, and there’s a waiting list.

Elan said, “Create Now’s team is tirelessly dedicated towards improving the lives of so many forgotten youth, which is remarkable and truly inspirational. Supporting Create Now has shown me how far and wide a contribution can go. They have allowed me to participate in the process of growing existing programs and creating new ones. I will always cherish my relationship with Create Now and look forward to our continued relationship.”

Vidal Herrera grew up in the foster system starting at 5 years-old. He began working at age 12 and hasn’t stopped since then, toiling at a myriad of jobs. He was employed by LAC+USC Medical Center, and trained by the Chief Medical Examiner Coroner. During 40 years, Vidal was faced with many challenges, and yet he developed an excellent reputation in the “Death Care” industry. His company, 1-800-AUTOPSY, also rents morgue props and equipment to the entertainment industry, and Vidal sells posters that he designs.

Growing up without a father is challenging for most kids. Gary Drake was no exception. He spent many years going in and out of juvenile detention centers for petty theft and vandalism. While at two different foster group homes, Gary was taught basic construction skills. He worked hard, attended contractor’s school and developed a positive reputation. Now his company, Drake Construction, remodels homes for celebrities, and the rich and famous.

Thank you to all of our donors:

Superstar ($50,000 and above)

Audiomachine Dwight Stuart Youth Fund Elan Shukartsi and the Moe Life Foundation

Champion ($25,000 and above)

Thelma Pearl Howard Foundation/California Community Foundation / Youth Policy Institute

Luminary ($15,000 and above)

Ralph Parsons Foundation | The Johnny Carson Foundation

Hero ($10,000 and above

Baby2Baby | Camino Nuevo Charter Academy | Dwight Stuart Youth Fund | In-N-Out Burger Foundation | Los Angeles Philharmonic Association | LAUSD Arts Education Branch | Max Group Sales, Inc. | Muskin Family Foundation

Dreammaker ($5,000 and above)

City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs | Dan Murphy Foundation | Vidal Herrera | In-N-Out Burger Foundation | iPalpiti Artists International | LAUSD Arts Education Branch | Los Angeles County Arts Commission | Callie D. McGrath Foundation | The Negri Foundation | Sanford Anderson Charitable Foundation | Gary Secor

Visionary ($3,000 and above)

Jillina Kristina Carlano | Muskin Family Foundation | Daniel Ohgi | St. Francis Center | Jake Winett

Advocate ($1,000 and above)

Big Sunday | Chelsea Armstrong | Cirque du Soleil | Drake Construction & Development, Inc. | ENO Brands, Inc. | Greenspan Foundation | The Irene Finkelstein Foundation | Merge | Sony Pictures Entertainment | Marq Spusta | Jake Winett