CAP (Community Arts Projects)


CAP (Community Arts Projects) helps to cap violence in communities and brings families together with other members of a neighborhood to collaborate on creative projects that entertain, educate and enlighten people about available resources. These programs help to break the cycle of abuse and bond families as they heal from traumatic experiences while building new, healthy memories. Create Now customizes our CAP programs to meet the needs of each community.

For example, one of our partners is Westside Children’s Center, a large agency that supports underserved, vulnerable children and their families in West Los Angeles County by providing a full range of crucial, multidisciplinary services. Through DCFS (the Department of Children and Family Services), they contracted our organization to bring our Hip Hop Jam Not Bang workshop to Culver City in June 2012.

They also hired us to provide at-risk children in the SPA (Service Provider Area) 5 district with our Create A Mural Now workshop, plus three performing arts programs in singing, dance and theatre. Our classes will culminate with a Talent Show, where anyone in the neighborhood can show off their skills. Every participant will receive prizes and there will be plenty of refreshments on hand. In addition, we will organize a local resource fair so that citizens know what opportunities are available to them right in their neighborhood.

If you would like additional information about CAP, please contact our Executive Director Jill Gurr at (213) 747-2777 x 210 or by email at: