Music Arts Program


Our music workshops include classes in guitar, keyboards, drums and other percussion instruments, as well as music appreciation, record engineering and producing. The young artists are guided in their careers as their original music is developed. We bring them to professional recording studios where they can create demos of their songs. Also, through music mentoring, Create Now is able to match aspiring young musicians with professionals, opening new doors for troubled youth.

Featured Program: Mentoring Through Music

While working in the mental health field as a Behavioral Specialist for 12 years, I noticed a lot of the needs of our foster youth were still not being met. My call to action was to form a non-profit Foundation called Visionary Voices For Youth in 2002, which was the beginning of a journey to offer outreach services.

Mentoring thru music has become a vehicle to give youth a chance to be heard by their families, staff and peers. By using writing exercises, creating music, and modeling performance techniques, I found that this creative environment gave our youth the tools to build self-esteem and self-image. As a Foundation, our goal is to continue to partner with more organizations like Create Now in a fight to help give our foster youth the tools to unlock their creative identities.

Partnering with Create Now has been an awesome opportunity to give back to the community. I mentor nine foster boys ages 11-15 at Hathaway-Sycamores, a large residential facility. I’m volunteering on a weekly basis by using music to help give our youth a positive way to express themselves. At the start of the program, most of the youth had a hard time expressing themselves without using inappropriate language and behaviors, and not working well with other peers.

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Featured Program: Hollywood Guitar Workshop


While Hollywood is one of the richest and most glamorous cities in the world, only 50% of the children there graduate from high school. Create Now has initiated the first of two 12-session Guitar Workshops at Ramona Elementary School in Hollywood on January 27th.

Thanks to our partner Youth Policy Institute, through the “Los Angeles Promise Neighborhood” initiative.

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Special thanks to the sponsors of our music program:

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, the Moe Life Foundation and Avid. We’re very grateful to all of our sponsors.