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Many youth enjoy performing, whether as an actor, dancer or singer. Being in the spotlight gives kids increased confidence and the ability to make instantaneous decisions, especially when they learn how to improvise and to build their skills in related areas, like producing and directing. They develop new techniques and also learn about technology.

Create Now’s performing arts program includes workshops in theatre, dance, singing, even the art of illusion (magic). These classes build self-esteem and assist youth to discover hidden gifts. Our Talent Shows are very popular because everyone gets the chance to shine.

If students feel shy or uncomfortable about performing, then they can assist behind-the-scenes with marketing, wardrobe, and ticket sales if the school or agency decides to host a fundraising benefit. Parents can also be involved in performance workshops by helping out with makeup and hair, rehearsals and preparing food as needed.

Featured Program – Theatre Workshop for Child Prostitutes

Around 300,000 children in the U.S. are at-risk of being prostituted. For most of these kids, life with a pimp is better than life at home. One in three youth who leave an abusive family will be lured into prostitution within just 48 hours.

Children of the Night is a group home in Van Nuys for 24 youth ages 11-17 who need to be rescued from prostitution.

Since September 11, 2014, Ashley Jones has been teaching a group of girls about theater and art.

Ashley said, “I’m thankful to Create Now for helping me partner with Children of the Night. I feel extremely fulfilled through leading the Theatre Workshop.”

The kids love Ashley’s program. One girl said, “With acting, I get to release my feelings and it’s a relief, a coping skill that helps you get away from every bad thing that you’re going through.”

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Featured Program – Talented Kids Galore

Thanks to a generous grant from the Westside Children’s Center through the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), we were able to provide a Create Now Talent Show on August 11, 2012 at the Westside Pavilion shopping mall in West Los Angeles.

There were 18 children and youth who participated in the Talent Show. For most of the kids, it was the first time they got to perform in public, experiencing butterflies of excitement as they shared their unique gifts with the crowd. Our M.C., Ashley Jones, did a spectacular job of hosting the event. Ashley is the 2012 “Mrs. California USA.” She has been mentoring homeless children in arts and crafts at the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission shelter since March.

There was quite a crowd present, especially since these kids performed so well. Not only were their families and friends there to cheer them on, but many Westside Pavilion shoppers were drawn to the event when they heard the amazing performances.

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