Services Galore for At-Risk Kids


Jobs and Classifieds GraphicCreate Now provides the widest variety of creative arts mentoring, education, resources, and opportunities to the most diverse range of vulnerable children with the largest geographic reach in Southern California.

In addition to our creative arts mentoring programs, we send out regular notices about jobs, internships, scholarships and free resources that reach our network of more than 1,000 youth agencies (shelters, group homes, detention facilities, special ed schools, etc.) located throughout the region.

For example, Create Now recently promoted a Youth Workforce Training Certificate Program at Children’s Institute, as well as family therapy for participants on a TV show, workshops for youth who want to start a nonprofit organization, and competitions in poetry, singing, art, photography, heritage posters and essays, as well as free backpacks with school supplies. These notices are sent to the partners in our network, such as emergency shelters, group homes and detention facilities where they target tens of thousands of vulnerable youth.

At the same time, we provide unique opportunities for businesses and individuals to give back by donating materials and services to the most disadvantaged kids right in their own neighborhood. With our extensive database, Create Now can target the children who are most in need of assistance based on their geography and challenges. When supporters contribute equipment, supplies and amenities, they receive a tax deduction for their donation and the neediest children benefit directly.

Create Now also provides opportunities to become a General Mentor. This type of mentoring helps youth with basic social and life skills, such as how to go on a job interview, apply for college and to become independent, confident individuals. General mentors can assist with academic work and parenting, take their mentees on fun outings and become a close friend. We can arrange mentoring with small groups of youth or one-on-one.

Recently, we set up a mentoring relationship between Joy Wassel, a retired counselor, and Georgetta, the 19-year-old mother of adorable Jaliyah, age 2. Last November, when Joy attended our “Inspired” Talent Show, she was deeply moved by a poem that Georgetta wrote for her daughter. Georgetta was left in a trash dumpster by her mother when she was born. She has spent her entire life in the foster system. Now Joy is a mentor for Georgetta. She has been helping her through an especially difficult time, as Georgetta has released her daughter for adoption.

“Georgetta is a warm and responsive young woman who seems to value the time we spend together as much as I do,” said Joy. “My role with her seems to be mainly about affirming her positive attitudes toward life and encouraging her to reach her dream of becoming a nurse. She teaches me a lot about the prejudices I never knew I held about young people who have grown up ‘in the system.’ I hope, somehow, that she is learning as much from me as I am learning from her.”

Georgetta said, “I was shocked when I found out Joy wanted to mentor me because I thought nobody really cared about me and somebody did. It feels good when I’m with her because I feel like I’ve got a mother or a grandmother now. I share lots of things with her, like my anger. I just need coping skills and Joy helps me with that.”

If you would like to become a General Mentor, please fill out our Volunteer Application online to start the process.

If you have resources and/or opportunities to contribute or would like to sponsor one of our programs or events, please call us at (213) 747-2777 or email:

We are grateful to all of our supporters for helping the most troubled youth in our community.