Sharing Mentors’, Youth Agency Staff and the Kids’ Experiences


debraOur volunteers report that they feel more fulfilled and happier with their careers, since their lives take on special meaning. They get along better with their own families and find themselves becoming more patient, open-minded and better prepared to deal with life’s challenges. The staff who work on the front-lines with the kids also notice the impact of Create Now programs, and so do the children’s parents. Here is some of the feedback that we’ve received:

“Ever since the implementation of this Introduction to Art workshop, the residents have shown improvements in behavior, willingness to learn new skills, mood elevation, controlled impulses and attention span. The girls are learning proper and appropriate social cues. We cannot emphasize enough how important and pertinent these changes have been in their behaviors, which has been a direct result of participation in this art program.” – Cindy Herceg, Rehab Coordinator, Vista Del Mar

“I didn’t think that I could be a painter, but Miss June put a lot of faith in me and kept on helping me. I love the mural that Miss June helped us make! The Long Beach Rescue Mission will always remember me because I’m right there on the wall!” – Janiya, age 8

“In the time that I have spent at the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission emergency shelter, I have learned that community is good for the soul. When the children see a consistent face on a regular basis, it says to them, ‘I am important. I am worth someone’s time.’ I’ve grown into a better person because each week I am reminded that my time on earth is about more than helping myself. It is about helping those around me and making an impact in this world. Mentoring means investing in the future of someone else. It is the single most rewarding thing I have ever done!” – Ashley Jones, Mrs. California USA

“I can’t thank you enough for giving Sydney the opportunity to perform at the Westside Pavilion. Just the process of auditioning and getting the call that she was accepted and invited to perform is such a self-esteem builder for young girls. With all the cuts in schools and the limited resources of families with foster kids, it’s more important than ever to expose underprivileged kids to the joy and creativity of the performing arts.” – Barbara Banner, Foster Parent

“I consider every success I’ve had since I was introduced to your program a direct consequence of all the wonderful things you have offered me. Thank you so much for helping to shape my future.” – Tasha Caulfield (incarcerated 9 times between the ages of 12-15), USC Film School graduate, attended law school at the University of Northern Illinois in Chicago, Stand-Up Comedian and Film Critic

“Here at the shelter, we can fill the gaps in our youths’ basic needs, but the more important gaps that help them find themselves as individuals and grow as young adults come from the experiences and mentorship provided by selfless and enthusiastic organizations like Create Now and its vibrant team of dedicated individuals.” – Federico Bustamente, Outreach and Activities Coordinator, Casa Libre Youth Shelter

“This was the first time the children attended a play and they came back excited and eager to share their experiences. One of the children in our center, Starr is 6-years-old and in first grade. She was able to relate to the character ‘Patricia’s’ story of her struggle to read. When Starr attended her group at Su Casa, she stated that she wanted to learn to read just like Patty in the play. This was a great experience for the children and their families.” – Cecy Lara, Community Resource Center Manager, Su Casa domestic violence shelter