Visual Arts Program


“A picture is worth a thousand words,” is very true for the children that we serve. Through drawing, painting, collages, sculpture, murals and using recycled materials, vulnerable youth can find release from their traumatic experiences by exploring the visual arts for self-expression. At the end of the programs, the kids have lasting souvenirs that they can share with their families and friends. We provide them with opportunities to publicly exhibit and sell their artwork.

Introduction to Art includes fun arts activities that teach children how to use a variety of supplies to create decorative crafts items. Introduction to Fine Art gives instruction in drawing, painting and sculpture, which culminates in an art exhibition.

Two of our most popular programs are Create A Mural Now and Create A City Now, which incorporates “trash” into building materials so students can design their own cities that might have a theme, such as good health or a green environment. Children love using their imaginations to express themselves in these programs.

Featured Program: “Fashion Design”

Emore’J is a designer and fashion show producer. Since May 2015, he and his team have been Detail of Workmentoring a group of 10 youth at the L.A. Family Housing homeless shelter in North Hollywood.They’re teaching these kids how to use their imaginations to create wild outfits with a theme that reflects UTOPIA, like Galaxy, Tropical Fish, Birds, Moon and Fairies.

These kids are able to express themselves creatively in a positive way through clothing, which is a hot button of teenage angst that tends to bring out negative behaviors like bullying.

Atalia exclaimed, “It’s cool because you get to make your own designs. Whatever you think about you can create.”

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Featured Program: “Create a City Now with Recyclables”

CCNrecyclables_01Hillsides in Pasadena provides residential treatment services to vulnerable children who can’t live at home, who suffered trauma and who have severe emotional, psychological and behavioral challenges requiring specialized care.

Thanks to a grant from the Thelma Pearl Howard Foundation and the California Community Foundation, some of these kids are enjoying our Create A City Now workshop with artist Young Mi Chi.


The kids are using recycled materials like cardboard tubes, plastic containers, boxes and other trash to design their own cities. They immediately stated that there would be no jails allowed. Maya is creating “the City of Love,” so whoever meets there will fall in love and be happy forever.

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Special thanks to the supporters of our visual arts program

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, and the Department of Cultural Affairs.