Create Now offers the widest variety of arts mentoring and experiences to the most diverse range of vulnerable youth with the largest geographic reach in Southern California. For the past 18 years, we have served more than 35,000 of the neediest kids.


In addition to our creative arts mentoring programs, we send out regular notices about jobs, internships, scholarships and free resources to thousands of kids in our vast network of 100 youth agencies (shelters, group homes, detention facilities, special ed schools, etc.) that are located throughout the region.

For example, Create Now has shared opportunities for needy youth to receive free computers, eyeglasses, college prep classes, job training and to compete in contests for poetry, singing, art, photography and essays, to name just a few of our promotions. These notices reach tens of thousands of the most troubled youth in the region.

We also match volunteers to be general mentors, teaching academics and vital life skills. This type of mentoring helps youth with learning how to go on a job interview, apply for college and to become independent, confident individuals. General mentoring can be arranged with small groups of youth or as one-on-one mentoring.

Create Now offers businesses and individuals the opportunity to give back to their community by donating materials and services to the most disadvantaged kids in Southern California. We can also arrange for your company to sponsor one of our programs or events, and also to contribute time mentoring youth.

With our extensive database, we can target the kids that are most in need of assistance based on their geography and challenges. If you have resources or opportunities to contribute, please call us at (213) 747-2777 or email: