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Volunteering and Mentoring Transforms Lives

Volunteering is rewarding and helps build healthy, sustainable communities, thereby empowering individuals. We offer mentors the chance to share their knowledge and experience with the kids who need it the most in our community. Many of our mentors feel more fulfilled and happier with their careers, since their lives take on special meaning. Our volunteers report that they also get along better with their own families after mentoring these youth and find themselves becoming more patient, open-minded and better prepared to deal with challenges.

We have three main volunteer opportunities:


I. Arts Mentoring By focusing on the arts, such as music, writing, dance or painting, it's often easier to get kids to open up. Youth build their confidence and self-esteem by accomplishing their goal of creating the arts, while keeping souvenirs of the experience. This is equally rewarding for the mentors, as they share their expertise in the arts.

II. General or Life Skills Mentoring By donating just an hour of your time each week, you can make a difference in our world. By mentoring one-on-one (like a "Big Brother/Sister" or a "Special Friend") as a General Mentor, which can also be with a small group of youth, mentors help the kids to learn basic life skills, including how to apply to college, interview for jobs and open bank accounts. Taking your mentee(s) on fun outings also makes them aware of opportunities in their neighborhood.

III. Other Volunteer Opportunities

There are opportunities to help Create Now by serving on different committees (Strategic Planning, Programs, Development, Marketing/PR and Finance), and on our Board of Directors. Assistance is also needed for fundraising, grant writing and special events.

Please send an email to: to find out how you can become a mentor or volunteer with us. You can also call (213) 747-2777.