About Create Now

Create Now’s mission is to empower at-risk and high-risk youth and young adults from ages 3 to 24 through a variety of arts programs in multi-disciplines that help them to heal and thrive. Our goal is to assist them to get out of poverty and learn skills that can lead to jobs and careers.

We focus on the most vulnerable kids who are abused, neglected, orphaned, homeless, victims of domestic violence and sex trafficking, on probation, incarcerated or experiencing other severe challenges. Although small in size, our staff taps into many resources in the community to provide quality arts programs and services. Create Now has reached 49,000+ youth in 24 years!

We operate in four ways:

(1) Create Now matches volunteers with the 100+ youth partner agencies in our network, like shelters, foster group homes, mental health clinics, schools, rehab centers and detention facilities, plus other social service and nonprofit organizations in Southern California. Create Now customizes the arts workshops in terms of location, schedule, ages, genders and challenges that the youth face. We provide mentors with the arts supplies and equipment needed. Our staff trains volunteers and helps to develop the curriculum. 

(2) We also provide comprehensive arts classes to students in pre-school, Title 1, continuation and charter schools who otherwise receive minimal or zero arts education.

(3) Our Community Arts Projects (“CAP”)  help to cap violence in poverty-stricken neighborhoods. These events can take many forms, like Create a Mural workshops and Power of the Arts Festivals that give disadvantaged children a safe place to let their talents shine! These events can be customized for specific goals based on funding received.

(4) Through Cultural Journeyseach year Create Now brings thousands of youth to concerts, plays, museums, film studios, circuses and much more at premiere venues, like the Hollywood Bowl, Cirque du Soleil, Walt Disney Concert Hall and LACMA.

All of our programs culminate with parties that recognize each youngster’s achievement. They receive unique certificates and gift bags with lasting souvenirs.

Create Now arranges “Career Days” where professionals introduce youth to different types of jobs. We also send out regular notices that inform our partner agencies about free resources and opportunities for their clients. This valuable information reaches thousands of Southern California’s most disadvantaged youth.

Please click here to download our Media Kit in PDF format.