Fashion Arts

Our Fashion Design workshop teaches youth how to design their own couture and jewelry, which can be as wild as their imaginations can go. Create Now provides them with loads of fabric, beads, and other decorative supplies, along with sewing machines and additional tools. Professional designers help the children to put all the materials together to generate clothing and jewelry that fulfills their dreams.

They also learn about branding and the business aspects of fashion, since this industry generates over 100,000 jobs a year in Los Angeles, providing youth with opportunities to grow and excel as designers. The program culminates with a Fashion Show that the kids help to put together. They attend the casting sessions for the models, assist in preparing their models for the runway, and then become “stars” as their original designs are displayed on the runaway to applause and cheers from their families, friends and peers. They also love to show off the necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry, which can be given to friends as gifts.