Create Now’s volunteers are Taking Over to provide FREE sessions and performances for kids and adults in music, dance, writing and much more EVERY FRIDAY starting April 10 from 12:00-6:30pm. Check out the schedule below for more details, plus Instagram and  Facebook for updates.

If you represent a youth agency in the Greater Los Angeles area that serves homeless, foster and other vulnerable youth, Create Now is offering private Zoom classes where kids and young adults from 3 to 24 can interact with our volunteer artists for workshops in origami, dance, music, etc.

If you live in L.A., Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino or Ventura County and would like to volunteer to teach, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Lola Kate at: lola@createnow.org.

SPREAD THE WORD about this great opportunity to bond with your loved ones while you have fun, learn some new skills and stay safe!