Students at Marina Del Rey Middle School had the opportunity to write stories, articles and comics and have them become a published book. Marina del Rey is committed to improving their students’ English-language proficiency, so this program allowed the students to expand their English writing skills while having fun exploring their creative side. 

Inspiration to Publication was held virtually as an after-school program, so it was especially rewarding that the students joined the class to write after sitting in front of a screen all day. 

These classes allowed middle-school youth to see their writing go from ideas to created work to published pieces. Students enjoyed the process of developing their book with other kids, which they titled “Rejecting the Dark.” Everyone was excited at the end of the workshop to take home copies of the paperbacks that included all their creations.

Justine Gunn, the teaching artist leading this program, was excited by the enthusiasm of the participants saying, “What a great group of writers! Already a very imaginative class with lots of story ideas, they allowed themselves to expand on their ideas and explore new kinds of creative expression. It’s been a real treat to work with these students!”

We’re thankful to the Canet Foundation for generously funding Inspiration to Publication. They’re delighted with the newly published book “Rejecting the Dark” that the students created.