Literary Arts

Literary Arts include PoetryJournalismBloggingand Creative Writing. Students’ work is collected into an anthology that can also include drawings. Youth learn about layouts and publishing when they work with a graphic designer, as well as how the industry works. Each student receives a copy of their book, which can also be sold by groups and schools to raise funds.

Our Screenwriting workshop can be offered separately, or ideally bundled with Video Production. Students relate to popular films by reading the scripts and writing their own stories in this format. All the basic elements of storytelling and screenwriting are taught, including structure, plot, characters, dialogue and conflict. At the culmination party, we present staged readings of the completed screenplays by professional actors.

We also provide children and youth with new books to encourage them to read. At our Book Fairin 2014, Create Now distributed over 4,000 books to hundreds of disadvantaged families in our Downtown neighborhood, thanks to a donation from DisneyMarvel and First Book