I happened to run into the mother of Daniel, one of the boys that I’m working with at Camp David Gonzalez. She told me that Daniel talked about me and our class every week with great enthusiasm. She was absolutely thrilled that he was asking for books and wanted to read more.”

— Glenda Shaw

Writer/Producer, "Leeza Gibbons" and "Montel"

I’d meet with Steven and Eddie and it would energize me. I’d feel revitalized. Afterwards, I was really glad that I’d met with them.”

— Jim Bernstein,

Sit-com Writer: “Family Guy” and “American Dad”

I have been leading a Journalism Workshop for teenage girls at Ventura Youth Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison, for almost three years now. To say it has changed my life is an understatement. I love the mentoring work I do so much that I want to — need to — find a way to do it full-time. It’s amazing what you get when you give.”

— Holly Richmond,

Former Writer/Editor, “Seventeen,” now in Masters program in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University in Santa Barbara

It is very gratifying to volunteer at various group homes and shelters through Create Now. Although I see thousands of kids every year through my work as a teaching artist, bringing the arts to this population is especially joyful. The arts, whether it’s a painting, a play or a piece of music, takes us out of ourselves. Any emotional or physical pains we may have wanes just a bit when we are immersed in the arts.”

— Beth Sussman,

Music Center Master Teaching Artist

It’s very rewarding witnessing these children grow from shy and coy to comfortable and excited in the span of two hours!! The best part, for me are the hugs I receive afterwards. They’re filled with so much gratitude. This experience has helped me evolve in a positive light. Thanks so much for the opportunity.”

— Samantha Parks,

Singing Mentor