Our “Musically Speaking” program was taught by Beth Sussman to students at Rowan Avenue Elementary School. Previously funded by the California Arts Council, this steady beat music class allowed students to sing, dance and play games over 16 sessions to help improve their reading and language fluency.

Beth Sussman describes how a student’s “inner sense of timing” can become an important piece for students to improve their reading fluency. Even the teachers at the school have noticed improvement in the students in not only their reading but in other facets of their schooling like math.

The students truly enjoyed the class saying how fun it was playing with the instruments and how the class “made them happy and joyful.” The Assistant Principal at Rowan Avenue Elementary even commented how this program allowed these 2nd and 3rd graders to experience music and the arts which they may not have otherwise experienced.

We, along with the teachers, hope to continue this program in future semesters to help these students continue to grow in the arts and in reading fluency!