Foster Kids Enjoy Improv

The holiday season is a very challenging time for the abandoned, neglected, abused and orphaned children that we serve. These kids yearn for their families and they feel sad and depressed.

Thanks to a grant from the Thelma Pearl Howard Foundation, along with the California Community Foundation, we provided 14 children at Hillsides in Pasadena with a six-week Improv Theatre workshop.

Led by Kat Palardy and Patrick Buetow, the classes gave them a lot to laugh about during this difficult time.

The kids pretended to be dinosaurs in a park, lawyers visiting a car museum and much more so their imaginations were stretched and their stress released by our therapeutic Improv Theatre program.

Michael Machado, a special ed teacher at Hillside’s middle school stated, “We’ve had other theatrical programs here, but none were as engaging as this one.”

Librarian Sherri Ginsberg remarked, “We’ve never heard so much laughter in the library!”