Program Descriptions

Visual Arts

Through Drawing, Painting, Collages, Sculpture, Murals and using recycled materials in our Create a City Now program, vulnerable youth can find release from their traumatic experiences by exploring the visual arts for self-expression.

At the end of the programs, the kids have lasting souvenirs that they can share with their families and friends. We also provide them with opportunities to publicly exhibit and sell their artwork.

Performing Arts

These workshops encompass Singing, Acting, Dance, Comedy, Magic and Theatre. Our Talent Shows challenge children to set concrete goals for themselves and gives them the opportunity to communicate their ideas and passion artistically.

The culminating performances enable youth to show off their skills to their families, teachers, peers and the public while building their confidence and self-esteem.

Create Now Talent Shows are a powerful way to “jump start” the development of a young person’s self-esteem. It challenges children to set concrete goals for themselves and gives them the opportunity to communicate their ideas and passion artistically.

Music Arts

Create Now teaches Guitar, Keyboards, Drumming and Percussion. We have a recording studio filled with professional equipment, plus mentors to teach music recording and production.

Students can attend comprehensive 12-session workshops that include the opportunity to write and produce their own songs as they learn engineering techniques.

Literary Arts

Workshops include Poetry, Journalism and Creative Writing. Students also learn about publishing. This program culminates with each youth receiving a hard-cover book of their creations.

Our Screenwriting classes can be offered separately, or ideally bundled with Video Production.

In the Screenwriting workshop, students relate to popular films by reading scripts and writing their own stories in this format. All the basic elements of storytelling and screenwriting are taught, including structure, plot, characters, dialogue and conflict. At the culmination party, we present staged readings of the completed screenplays by professional actors.

Fashion Arts

Our Fashion workshops teach youth about design, branding and the fashion industry. They learn how to create their own couture, which can be as wild as their imaginations can go with no limits.

Create Now provides them with a wide variety of fabrics and and diverse decorative supplies, along with sewing machines and other tools.

Professional designers help them to put all the materials together to generate clothing that fulfills their dreams. They also help with casting models and preparing their public Fashion Shows.

Digital Media Lab

This program includes Photography, Graphic Design and our amazing Digital Media Lab, which teaches youth programs like Photoshop, plus the cutting-edge technology of 360° full-dome theaters and virtual reality.

In Video Production, students create a fictional or documentary story, and then they produce, direct, act in, shoot and edit their projects. Youth also learn about distribution and marketing.

Students explore how to create artwork and to share their personal stories on video by using Photoshop and other digital media programs.

Cultural Journeys

Each year, Create Now organizes cultural outings for thousands of the neediest youth in Southern California through our Cultural Journeys program. These events take many forms: concerts, plays, circuses, museums and studio visits, even fun sports.

Cultural Journeys motivate youth to overcome their challenges and introduce them to the world of the arts. For most, it’s their first time experiencing a live performance or event of any kind. We ask all the kids to express their appreciation by making handmade cards and letters for our donors.

Culinary Arts

Students learn nutrition, safety, cooking techniques, chopping skills, soups, stocks and sauces, presentation and more.