Create Now’s Graphic Designer class (sponsored ROMWE) taught by Beth Nesbitt, solves visual problems. Logos are a unification of a graphic and an idea, which is placed in context to solve a problem. It’s a visual mark, which represents the idea of a company or product. In this class, the students begin to answer those questions by designing their own logo! They will explore the principles of branding and the key elements that go into building and designing an effective logo.

They also explore the Design Process: learning to research, create thumbnails, refine sketches, work up visual solutions, and develop a final presentation for a client.

Finally, they tackle why good design is a critical component to successful idea development for student concept solutions and application.

Professional Title:

Beth Nesbitt, Graphic Designer & Interdisciplinary Artist


Why do you want to teach for Create Now?

I absolutely love children and have a calling to help them keep their creative spirit, not be limited by demographic or social constructs, or limiting belief systems. Encouraging them to utilize their resources to create art and express themselves in the safety of non-judgement and belonging.  

I also love the energy of working in an arts nonprofit environment. Create Now wholeheartedly believes disadvantaged youth should have an opportunity to excel in the arts and to reach their full potential. You have continued to give participants the tools, creative space and the encouragement needed to thrive in your programming. It is a pleasure working for one of Los Angeles’s most effective arts education providers.

What do you think the kids took away from your class?

It is my greatest hope that I can encourage self-expression and creativity, and give these kids the tools to develop original ideas through creative thinking.

I believe these young people will leave with an empowered sense of themselves. The ability to create art for a simple act expression and in alignment to what makes them happy. Perfection is in the imperfection and life is an artwork in progress.