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Los Angeles. The city of angels. Where a quarter of our children live in poverty. Where 67,000 students in the school district were counted homeless last year. Where over 20,000 youth cycle through the foster care system each year. These angels are at risk not only of dropping out of school but of dropping out of life.

Exposure to arts motivates students to stay in school, reduces stress and anxiety, and positively impacts a child's overall health, cognition, behavior, social interaction, confidence, and ability to overcome trauma and abuse.

Create Now provides educational and therapeutic arts programs to these “forgotten children” ages 2-21 throughout Southern California who are tucked away in group homes, shelters, detention centers, rehab facilities, and mental health clinics, as well as those attending special schools and below-poverty level Title I Program schools with no arts funding.

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Your Support

Since 1996, Create Now has reached over 37,000 vulnerable youth through arts mentoring and education. We couldn't do it without the generous support of individuals like you. Help us spread the word, join our team of volunteers, or donate now to help us build a world where all youth experience creative self-expression.




Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”
— Edgar Degas