While all of us are staying safe at home, thousands of youth in Southern California have no homes to stay in, nor families to comfort them during the Covid-19 pandemic. They’re forced to live in shelters, group homes, detention centers and transitional living facilities. Not only are these youngsters dealing with the stress, anxiety and fear that many people are experiencing right now, they also have to cope with psychological trauma related to abuse, neglect, abandonment and homelessness.

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers, Create Now is in the process of providing some of these kids with arts classes through Zoom. Starting soon, interactive classes in Visual Arts with Allegra Bick-Mauris will take place for teenage foster youth at Crittenton Services for Children and Families in Orange County, and Fashion Design with Megers at the Penny Lane group home in Northridge.

Mariel Williams will teach Sculpting with young adults facing homelessness at A Safe Place for Youth in Venice. Aalia Lanius will be instructing teenage foster boys at New Dawn Residential Care in Pomona how to write their stories and publish them, while Cina McKenna will teach TikTok Dances to runaway, throwaway and homeless teens at the Angel’s Flight shelter in Rampart west of DTLA.

The staff on the frontlines with these “forgotten children” are grateful for Create Now’s arts workshops. Patricia Chaidez at Angel’s Flight remarked, “Thank you.  I appreciate everything you are doing to try to keep the arts at the locations you serve.”

Create Now really needs your help to run our programs. Not only does it take a lot of time to organize the classes, but our artists need to be trained. We also want to ship arts supplies to the youth, so please donate!

Every dollar makes a difference. You can click here to contribute online or send money through PayPal: info@createnow.org (select “Families and Friends to avoid fees).

On behalf of the children Create Now serves, thanks for your support. STAY SAFE!