Where Your Money Goes

Create Now needs your help to provide the therapeutic power of the arts to 4,000 more kids this year. Every dollar counts, so please contribute!

$10 buys a book for a child with learning disabilities

$25 provides paint supplies for six abused kids

$50 sends 12 youth dealing with homelessness to a play

$100 supplies gift bag souvenirs for 10 children facing violence

$250 gives 20 young people a dance workshop

$500 gets a video camera for neglected youngsters

$1,000 implements music recording classes for orphans

$2,500 pays for five classes in many arts disciplines

$5,000 brings youth comprehensive workshops in dance, singing, writing, and more

Create Now’s EIN # is 95-4590574. You’ll receive a tax deduction for your contribution while making a difference in the lives of young people in our community. Click here to donate.